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Oct-Dec 2015
HKC Awarded Good MPF Employer 2014/2015
Items Management & Tracking System (IMTS) Promotional Program
Award & Recognization
HKC Awarded RFID Solution of Production Asset Management System (PAMS) Project for TVB
Carrot Home Awarded HA Project for Wellesley
HKC Shanghai Awarded RFID Library Project for Nanyang Institute of Technology
Singcomm Awarded Library Project for Institute of Technical Education (ITE) Library
Case Study
HKC CCTV System: A Camera Saved Over 100 Passengers
Library of Hefei Technology College - Integration for Intelligent Library
Library of Hefei No.10 Senior High School - Intelligent Library System
Personnel Tracking System (PTS) System Enhancement Project
Lumia 950 XL Promotion
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Home Automation Devices Augments
the Internet of Things (IoT) World

Gartner Inc. forecasts a 30% increase in connected things this upcoming year, such that in 2016 there will be 6.4 billion connected things in use worldwide. In 2016, 5.5 million new things will get connected every day. This number is predicted to continually rise and reach 20.8 billion by 2020.

The IoT movement allows individuals to make every "thing" smart and exist on the network without additional wires. Home Automation is becoming more and more popular as people have increased standards on their quality of life. We envision future home environments equipped with self-configured sensors and actuators that can be controlled remotely through the Internet, which in turn enables a variety of monitoring and control applications. IoT is essential to the integration of Home Automation.

HKC currently owns several IoT-related intelligent solutions, such as Home Automation solution and i-Healthcare solution. Home automation solution embraces a new digital lifestyle which brings us 4Cs (Comfort, Care, Convenience and Connectivity), while i-Healthcare is a caring solution that supports the elderly in an environment of their choice in lieu of institutionalization or nursing home placement. Home Automation in healthcare empowers the elderly to take ownership of their living environment and live independently to reduce caregiver's stress.

In December 2015, HKC achieved a milestone in creating a one-stop worry-free living solution specifically tailored for seniors. This solution provides a relaxed ambience, easy access to professional healthcare, and skilled care services for the elderly. The intelligent care device includes 24-hour Emergency Call Support System, No-Motion Sensor, Entrance Door-Contact Tracking System, Health Data Collection, and Tracking services. These all contribute in providing a one-stop, worry-free living solution that caters to every elderly's need at their fingertips.

There are many benefits in making every "thing" smart. Home Automation provides increased flexibility and control, which directly improves our quality of life.

For more details about HKC's Home Automation and i-Health Care Solution, please visit our website at or call our service hotline by 852-25278822.

HKC Awarded Good MPF Employer 2014/2015

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Hong Kong Communications Co., Ltd (HKC) has been awarded the Good MPF Employer 2014/2015 in recognition of exemplary efforts in enhancing the retirement benefits of its employees in 2014/2015. This takes into account the compliance of the employer's statutory obligations under the MPF legislation and provision of better retirement protection for employees.

Items Management & Tracking System (IMTS)
Promotional Program

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On January 7 2016, Singcomm worked with its partners Zebra Motorola and SIMTech to collectively share experiences on how implementing RFID technology allows businesses to boost their operational efficiency.

This event was held at Zebra Knowledge Centre located at 71 Robinson Road, #05-02/03. Participants gained the opportunity to see the full array of available RFID equipment, and experts from SMEs Centre also came to share their valuable insights on how RFID technology, funded by government grants, directly strengthens numerous business operations.

HKC Awarded RFID Solution of Production Asset
Management System (PAMS) Project for TVB

In December 2015, HKC awarded the RFID Solution of Production Asset Management System (PAMS) for TVB production warehouse. With PAMS, user can make use of RFID Inventory Control, Booking/Ordering, Networking and Security system for record and status of stock inventory, facilitate management and use of production units, maintain asset tracking record, and enhance overall operation efficiency. This is a strong proof of TVB's trust on HKC's integrated Asset Management solution and service level.

Carrot Home Awarded HA Project for Wellesley

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Carrot Home is proud to announce that Henderson Land has adopted our innovative Carrot Solutions in their newly launched residential development - Wellesley. The project is underway to be completed by October 7, 2018, comprises 90 modern classic luxury residences including 4 simplex and 2 duplex residences at Wellesley are endowed with generous space and unsurpassed craftsmanship that elevate Mid-Levels opulence to majestic new heights.

System Features:

  • Video intercom with visitors through a 7" Portable Tablet which also allows tenants to unlock the entrance for guests remotely
  • Control lighting, air-conditioning and curtain, with simple touches on the 7" Portable Tablet or iOS & Android devices
  • Others automation functions include user-reprogramming scene control, time scheduling, IR Control of home appliances, Lift calling service & panic alarm function

HKC Shanghai Awarded RFID Library Project for
Nanyang Institute of Technology

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HKC Technology (Shanghai) Awarded Intelligent Library System Tender for Nanyang Institute of Technology Library. The project provides RFID Book Return and Sorting Unit that help to boost the operation efficiency and offer convenience to both readers and library staff.

The RFID Book Return & Sorting Unit is a highly customizable product that can quickly and accurately sort returned materials according to pre-defined categories and send them to corresponding book bin via conveyor. The unit connects to the wall mounted Book Return Station which check-in the item automatically. It provides more flexibility, since it is modular and can be expanded to more sorting station and bins in the future when library expand.

Singcomm Awarded Library Project for Institute of
Technical Education (ITE) Library

Singcomm has recently been chosen as the supplier of DVD casings for its Institute of Technical Education (ITE) library. This is to be fulfilled before the end of February 2016. Singcomm's trust-worthy product & service quality and good reputation accumulated in the library sector by various library projects contributed greatly to the award of this project. With this project, Singcomm will establish good relationships with more and more libraries and further develop in this sector.

HKC CCTV System: A Camera Saved Over 100 Passengers

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On the evening of October 12, 2015, a double-decker ferry that carried approximately 130 passengers was headed from Cheung Chau to Aberdeen. Unfortunately, the vessel began to take in water and all passengers were evacuated to Lamma Island for safety reason.

Captain of the ferry noticed the abnormal situation through CCTV system and made the emergency docking to Lamma Island's Pak Kok Tsuen pier. The CCTV system on the ferry was provided by HKC. With this camera, no one was injured during the incident. HKC will continue to provide high quality products and excellent service to our valued customers.

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Library of Hefei Technology College -
Integration for Intelligent Library

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As a landmark of the college, the Library of Hefei Technology College located at the center of the college. It has a floor area of 15160 square metres and houses over 400,000 volumes of various types of library collection as well as over 660 annually-subscribed newspapers and magazines. There are four book reading room, one newspaper reading room, one electronic reading room, and three study rooms to ensure an integration of "Storing, Borrowing & Reading."

HKC Technology Shanghai has been chosen to implement the intelligent library project for Hefei Technology College. The project mainly consisted of RFID Security Gate, Mobile Stock TakeTrolley, Self-Check in/out Stationand Staff Station. The project has completed and passed user's approval by October 2015. It greatly enhanced user's experience in all of the "Storing, Lending & Reading" aspects.

Library of Hefei No.10 Senior High School - Intelligent Library System

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HKC Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd won the bid of Hefei No.10 Senior High School Intelligent Library System project. The project has been completed in November, 2015.

It is an Intelligent Library which self-serving with mass book storage. Intelligent Library System mainly consistedthe Self-Check in/out Station, Tagging Station and Gate Monitoring System, which will provide more flexibility and convenience to both readers and library staff.

Personnel Tracking System (PTS)
System Enhancement Project

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Following the successful commissioning of the PTS (Personnel Tracking System) for site T208 on September 2015, Singcomm's Technical Team improved the PTS control features by adding turnstile enhancing it to be proactive detection system. Within two short months, the management of workers was improved where workers who are not tagged or authorized to enter the launch shaft were detected and halted. Land Transport Authority (LTA) inspected the system and has concurred. Stay tuned for more updates on system enhancement features.

Smart School Solution

HKC provides a full range of reliable Smart School Solutions to create efficient educational environment where everyone in the classroom can participate more actively. The Smart School Solutions focuses on energy saving and smart control, which provides improved convenience and efficiency in classroom management.



  • Touch screen control of classroom facilities such as lights, air-conditioner, Projector, Teaching Board, Multimedia Equipment
  • One-touch scene mode: Class Mode, Goodbye Mode, Presentation Mode& Rest Mode, which are designed for different scenarios


  • Smart Electric Power Meter: measures electricity consumption and provide data for viewing, monitoring, analysis and storage
  • Scheduling & Sensor: detects classroom occupation status/room temperature or follows scheduling so as to control room facilities automatically
  • Report Generation


  • Offers convenience & efficiency to classroom operation
  • Provide real time energy consumption viewing and monitoring
  • Cultivate students' awareness & habits of energy saving
  • Enables smart analysis to help the school to improve use of energy
  • Provide good case resources for classes such as Mathematics & Physics
  • Lower energy cost and co-create low carbon society

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