Office Automation

Sensor System

Motion Sensors & Thermostats

Room occupancy detection so as to preset and adjust the temperature

Time Scheduling of automated shutdown

Lux Sensors :Photonic detection of curtain and shading control


Automated gesture of Energy Saving

Upscale green corporate image

Deliver social responsibility

Video Conferencing System

Video Conferencing System


Reduce frequent travel

Enhance communication between regional offices around the globe anytime and anywhere

Option : instant file and information sharing

More Options

Integration with i-conference system

One button control for lighting, curtain, Public Address system, Security System, and Multimedia Presentation system.

IP-based Security Surveillance System

IP-based Security Surveillance System IP-based Security Surveillance System2


Remote Surveillance anywhere and anytime

Reduce physical travel to office

IP Telephony System

IP Telephony system


Great Savings on international calls without a broadband connection

Easy installation and configuration

LED Lighting Control System

LED Lighting Control System


Significant Savings on electricity bills

Greater lumen output into compact lights

Increased power efficiency

Green ERP System

E-booking system

Cloud based Online booking

booking system booking system2

Customer Relationship Management(CRM)

Database management for customer relationship building and analysis

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