Library Management


Library Management

The Library RFID Automation System, LIBRA, integrates RFID technologies with web-based applications to produce an efficient, ideal and self-service library environment. This system benefits both users and librarians resulting in more updated inventory information, reduced labour costs, higher productivity and an enhanced level of customer service.


LIBRA Stock Take Robot


Libra Stock Take Robot is designed to be used in libraries, an attractive moving machinery to automatically locates bookshelf and deck, perform accurate books scanning. Customised application that are adapted to all schools or public libraries.




As an important component of RFID library solutions, Front Desk Work Station can serve multiple functions, both as the work station for library material circulation and as the tag conversion station. With additional touch screen monitor, it can also provide self-service check-in/out services, which greatly improves library efficiency.


RFID Security Gate


Beeping sound will be created when non-borrowed items pass the gate (with whitelist and headcount feature)


Self Check In/Out Station


self check in/out station0010Self Check in and out station


Through the integration of HF and UHF technologies, the self check in/out station offers the feasibility of a migration plan which benefits both librarians and patrons. The station provides efficient and convenient borrow, return and renewal services of circulating items. Hence, reducing labour costs and improving efficiency of libraries.

Book Return and Sorting Unit


book retuen and sorting unit

The book return and sorting unit is customizable and is able to accurately sort returned materials to their pre-defined categories. The sorting unit is connected to the wall mounted 24-hour book return station that automatically checks in items. Thus, making it more convenient for both patrons and librarians.

Mobile Stock Take Trolley



The mobile stock take trolley improves stock take efficiency and reduces labour intensity of shelving procedures. The device integrates stocktaking, searching, shelving, and data collection and processing.

24 hr Books Return and Sorting Unit


book dispenser

The 24hr books return and sorting unit is a device installed in the outer wall of the library or in the library hall, which can identify the RFID tag of the books and the library cards. Through seamless connection with the library LMS system, the touch screen user interface simplifies the return procedure, readers can borrow or return their books anytime even when the library is closed. Books returned will be placed at bins and filed to book shelf accordingly.


Book Sterilizer


cleaning machine

Lots of virus and germs are found in the books aged for long years, especially placing in the libraries with high circulation rates by different people. To enhance the hygiene of the library and personal health of patrons, HKC provides a one-touch operation book sterilizer. By UV-C lamps and air blower, it can sterilize 99.9% of virus and germs in 30 sec, including the book cover and inside pages. In addition, it can also sterilize stationery or toys which may have with hidden virus/ germs.




AR Experience Zone

AR Reading Zone AR Kids


1. All tablets in AR zone is preinstalled with LIBRA 4.0 AR APP (Collection of all AR apps in one
2 Patrons choose the AR books from bookshelf
3. RFID readers are installed at the bottom of reading tables to instantly track and scans the
4. The corresponding message prompt in the tablet APP indicates which AR app shall be chosen
5. AR reading experience


Libra Stock Take Robot