Home Automation

The HKC Home Automation Solution provides a comprehensive 4C, Comfort, Care, Convenience and Connectivity, in an intelligent living. The Home Automation Solution, CHESS, includes four main criteria: Control, Healthcare, Energy Saving, and Security.

To accommodate the solution, HKC self-develops the unique application platform, the HA-PAD. The HA-Pad integrates a series of advanced features which maximizes your experience. It allows you to experience convenient, comfortable and enjoyable intelligent living.



The 4C and Green Solution aims to provide an easier and more convenient living style for users. Users will be able to enjoy staying at home with the perfect control environment that will contribute to their ideal lifestyle.

HA-Pad photo


The Home Automation Pad allows users to preinstall applications to control surroundings. With the 4C solution, a variety of intuitive interfaces can be used to control lights, temperature, movies, music and much more, making life more convenient and enjoyable.

IR Repeater

The IR Repeater allows users to preload and set a remote control code for the AV devices at home. This will allow you to control all the devices with the HA-PAD.


The HA-PAD allows users to adjust brightness of lights in different areas with a touch.



The healthcare system allows for information to be transferred automatically to the caretakers to improve quality of patient care. It also allows hospitals to allocate resources efficiently and respond accordingly through detailed analytics, decision-making tools, reports and dashboards.

Biometric Data Collector

The Biometric Data Collector includes a sphygmomanometer, SPO2 monitor, ECG monitor, digital thermometer and a blood glucose measurer. It allows users to obtain instant results of their real time status.

pressure mattress

Pressure Mattress

The pressure mattress can be placed on the bed, wheelchairs or anywhere else to detect an individual’s activity abnormalities through a pressure detector. An alert will be sent to HKC’s i-Health platform to alert caretakers for emergency treatment.

Call Unit

The call unit connects to the i-Health platform allowing patients to call for help in case of an emergency. This will significantly reduce the response time of caretakers. Call units include the bedside call, toilet call and bathroom call.


Energy Saving:

Energy consumption around the house is largely responsible by lighting and air conditioning. The 4C intelligent and green solution can intelligently manage the environmental systems in your hope. This will help conserve energy and reduce costs without compromising comfort and benefits. As a whole, this will benefit the overall environment.


Smart Meter

Smart Meter

With the use of the smart meters, energy utilization can be made more efficient. Through logging into the system that integrates and monitors energy consumption with smart meters. By doing so, energy consumption data, electricity consumption pattern analysis details can be obtained. This will allow users to adjust consumptions accordingly to prevent exceeding custom budgets and build a low-carbon life.

Lux Sensor

Lux Sensor

The Lux Sensor is used to measure brightness in the house. It utilizes photogenic detection to maximize the use of sunlight and adjusts appliances accordingly. The sensor detects the temperature of the house and will adjust the curtains if the preset preferred room temperature is reached to sustain it.

Motion Sensor

Motion Sensor

Through using a motion sensor, room occupancy can be detected to activate preset scene functions. It will automatically adjust lighting in the room, curtains and air-conditioning.



HKC Security Package 2

The security system ranges from Stand-alone Digital Video Recording (DVR) to Multi-site monitoring and storage through the network.

Smoke Detector

The smoke detector is used to alert the fire department in case of a fire emergency in the house. This will reduce response time and improve safety significantly.


The Aiphone’s exceptional quality in the intercom system has made it the most respected and reliable brand of intercom systems in the world for over 50 years. Their products range from Do-It-Yourself (DIY) door answering units to complex video entry security systems and microprocessor based commercial systems. These are suitable for government departments, public utilities, hospitals, banks, housing estates, restaurants, schools, car parks and more.

Door Contact

Door contact is used to detect door abnormalities. When the door to the main entrance of the house has been open for too long, an alert will be sent to the control room.

Break Glass Detector

The electronic burglar alarm uses a break glass detector to detect shattered or broken glass. These sensors are usually used near glass doors or glass windows to detect intruders.


The siren will sound in case of a break in. This will help alert people to reduce loss.


The digital video recorder (DVR) operates 24 hours to record and archive video files for the surveillance system.

IP Camera

The internet protocol camera, IP camera, is a surveillance system that allows for data to be sent and received through a computer network or the internet.


Through using the closed-circuit television (CCTV), specific locations can be monitored. Real time data can be transmitted to the set of monitors allowing staff to view location status.