Health Care Solution

Smart Health Care Solution

Hong Kong Communications Co., Ltd offers a flexible and intuitive solution backed by a range of patient monitoring devices and linked with our patient healthcare platform, which transfers the way of information to improve the quality of patient care, safety and service delivery.


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[Professional Photocatalyst Air Sterilizer – HKC LIVA AIR DOCTOR removes 99% PM 0.3 pollutants and kills viruses and bacteria]


Bacteria and viruses spread easily in crowded spaces such as offices, shopping malls, and schools. 😷

HKC LIVA AIR DOCTOR professional Photocatalyst air sterilizer uses 3 layers of filters:

1. Medium filter: remove dust, hair, pollen and other air impurities;

2. Activated carbon filter: remove harmful gases and odors;

3. HEPA (H13) filter: high-efficiency filtering of 99% bacteria, viruses and fine to 0.3μm harmful substances: including H1N1, Streptococcus pneumoniae and Staphylococcus aureus, etc. Certified by international testing agency.


Professional Photocatalyst sterilization technology: Utilizing titanium dioxide (TiO2) under the excitation of UV-A ultraviolet rays, it generates strong oxidizing hydroxide radicals (-OH). Pollutants and microorganisms are exposed to hydroxide radicals (-OH) and then decomposed into non-toxic and pollution-free CO2 and H2O moisture, to achieve the effect of decontamination, sterilization and deodorization!

Touch button with 5 wind speeds to choose from, fresh and sterile air for 1700 feet indoor range in 20 minutes.

Manufacture in Korea. We provide on-site installation and maintenance services.







Autonomy Enhancement

Emergency Treatment Delivery

User Friendly


Instant Data Monitoring and analysis

Risk prevention


Wearable Wi-Fi Tag

Anti-wandering system aims to facilitate accurate patient location tracking and ensure emergency treatment delivery. Wearable Wi-Fi Tags are assigned to each patient for location tracking and access control monitoring. Caretaker is able to track patients’ location in real time.


Health Data Monitoring

All-in-one health data monitoring unit embedded with blood pressure, SpO2 monitor, ECG monitor, thermometer, blood glucose measurement, weight scale etc which provide clinicians instant indications of patients’ real time status.

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Sleeping Belt / Smart Diapers

Sleeping Belt can be placed on bed to detect individual’s heartbeat rate, breathe rate and movement. If abnormal situation is  detected. Caretaker can instantly get notice for emergency treatment.

Sleeping belt and detector


The smart diaper is designed with moisture level sensor and trigger alert signals to Central Control Platform or caregivers’ smart watch if over 200ml of moisturise level is detected , benefits from saving time compared to periodic physical checks by nurses. It can lead to great health concerns if a person’s diaper go unattended.