Asset Management

HKC further extends the application level of RFID technology and actively promotes its asset tracking capabilities across all industries and organizations. Through using a zero-touch asset management and inventory control to locate assets anytime, anywhere, valuable assets can be monitored keeping it safe and secure. In the case of abnormal movements, alerts and notifications will be sent out. The system is also able to generate reports for easy asset management and control. With this, efficiency and productivity of firms are both improved.

Tracking of Assets:

The system facilitates monitoring of multiple items simultaneously anywhere anytime.

  • Identifies the location of the tagged asset and tracks its movement
  • Generates location history of assets

  • Therefore assets can now be quickly and accurately located enhancing asset control and critical assets monitoring.

    Booking System:

    The booking system allows users to reserve and deliver the assets from the warehouse remotely.

    Integration with the Accounting System:

    The integration of RFID tags and the accounting system allows for reports to be automatically generated.

  • Data is automatically and simultaneously updated
  • Improves productivity
  • Reduces labor intensity
  • Therefore, location of assets and inventory count will be automatically done by the system.

    In addition, the system is able to alert and notify staff in case of abnormal movements of assets. Thus improving the security of the assets and the safety of staff members.

    RFID Active and Passive Tags

    Active tags are able to transmit data without contact. Once the tag passes the area of the RFID reader, the location of the asset will be determined. Active tags run on batteries and continuously sends out data. Passive tags on the other hand require contact with the RFID reader before it is able to transmit data.

    RFID Reader

    The RFID Reader is placed in different locations around the facility and is able to receive and record signals sent from the RFID tags.

    RFID Handheld Device

    With the RFID Handheld Device, staff are able to perform stocktake of assets by walking past stocks.

    Software System

    Through using the software system, IVE, the most updated positions of the assets, inventory stocktake and more can be monitored at the work station.