[ 2016-01-20 ]
HKC Corporate e-Newsletter (Oct - Dec 2015)
[ 2015-12-28 ]
[Journal] Library3.0 for Public Library by Hubert Chan
[ 2015-10-9 ]
HKC Corporate e-Newsletter (Jul-Sep2015)
[ 2015-9-11 ]
[Essay] Internet of Things Business Models by Hubert Chan
RFID Solution
Provide wide range of RFID and wireless products. It ranges from basic RFID accessories, handhelds and readers that can easily be integrated into existing system to sophisticated sensor / tracking devices embedded with wireless technology for uniquely defined purposes.
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Retailing of Digital Electronic Products
Supply a wide variety of mobile digital products, including the latest and hottest models in mobile phones, digital cameras and other related accessories.
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Home Automation Solution
A self-developed HA solution that perceives its environment with the sensor system, monitor energy consumption with the Zigbee Technology and capable to take preset actions by its artificial intelligence that minimize the wastage of electricity thus maximize energy efficiency.
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